GAN_066Angel groups are designed to provide significant amounts of private equity capital to help finance commercialization of your new products, services or technologies. 
GAN has a regional investment focus and our members are open to considering opportunities in various sectors, subject to the investment criteria, which are outlined herein. GAN will offer you a structured process that will facilitate a fairly quick and efficient investment decision.
Angels are high net worth individuals, usually successful entrepreneurs whose wealth has resulted from building their own businesses.  They invest their own personal financial capital, and also bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts to help increase the value of your business.
While they have a clear interest in generating returns commensurate with the financial risk involved, they also have a strong interest in the management and the businesses themselves in which they choose to invest.
GAN is looking to make investments in the neighbourhood of $200,000-300,000, which are funded by individual group members (acting as a group) who see the opportunity and are comfortable with the risk.
We are looking to invest in strong management teams, with products, services or technologies in markets providing high growth potential.