Joining GAN provides various benefits to investors, as opposed to investing alone, both financial and non-financial. These benefits include:


  • Provides a more efficient means for matching individual angels & investee companies
  • Increases deal flow & quality; companies are pre-qualified via assessment, screening and selection
  • Economic power inherent in group investing, larger deal sizes; potential for syndication and co-investment
  • Evaluation and due diligence by the deal team mitigates investment risk and spreads the workload
  • Newer angels learn from experienced angels; broader knowledge base increases intellectual capital and knowledge
  • Return enhancement through critical assessment of pre-money valuation and financial forecasts, and via portfolio diversification
  • Spread investment process costs over a broader base of investors


  • Varying roles on an investment-by-investment basis – board member, advisory board, lead investor, or more passive role
  • Interaction and “cheque-book networking” with like-minded investors & entrepreneurs
  • Preferential referral of opportunities to the group